Is it okay to join after May 1?
• It is okay for teams and team members to join throughout the month of May. However if your
company or organization is not already registered there may be a delay in the ability to
track your commutes.

What constitutes a commute?
• Commuting part way to/from work counts as a trip. A participant can drive to Butte, park their
car, and then ride or walk to work. This is great for people coming in from outer areas. i.e.,
Anaconda, Rocker, Whitehall, etc.
• Riding or walking one way to work and then using another mode of transportation for the other
direction. An example would be someone driving to work one day (with bike on car rack) and
riding home after work, and then the opposite the next day.
• Walking, rolling to the bus stop, taking the bus, then returning home from the bus stop the same
Riding or walking on weekends to destinations you would typicaly drive.  Could be walking or bicycling
to Maud S. if you typically drive to that destination
What is included in the mileage?
• Only the mileage of the actual commute counts (active walking or rolling).
• Riding or walking home for lunch counts.
• Riding or walking for work-related business, or any time the active transportation involves a
destination for a non-recreational purpose. Examples include trips to the bank, appointments to
see clients, getting groceries, going out to a restaurant, etc.
• Recreational mileage does not count, i.e., walking or bicycling strictly for pleasure, exercise, or
training.  However, if it involves a destination you would typically drive then count the mileage.
(i.e. walked/bicycled 2 miles then stopped at store to pick up an item)
• If someone doesn’t know how far their commute is, it can be looked up on mapquest.
Can one person be on two teams?
• If someone works at two different participating organizations, that person can be on both teams.
They can only count the trips and mileage specific to each workplace for that team.

Awards and prizes
• Certificates will be awarded to teams for 4 different categories: 1) Commuter award-greatest
total commuter trips per participant 2) Participation award-highest percent of participation
3) Mileage award-greatest total miles commuted per participant 4) Going the Distance
award-business/organization with best bicycling, pedestrian, and ADA facilities for active
transportation. (Bike racks/garage, showers, etc.)
• At the end of the challenge, there will be a drawing to give away prizes. Anyone who commuted
at least five times during the month will be eligible.
• The date, time, and location of the awards ceremony (Walk and Roll Butte Finish Line Party) will be
announced in the near future.
• Business partners will be recognized for continuing active transportation discounts after the
month of May.

*An ‘organization’ is any agency or business participating in this commuting challenge