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Group Ride & Bike Lane Comission Meeting

posted May 21, 2015, 9:28 AM by Cassie Wick
GROUP RIDE: Meet us at the BSB Courthouse at 6:45pm for a 30 minute bike ride on some of the proposed bike lanes. Also, this will be a great opportunity to build awareness in our community about biking.


Dave Schultz and Karen Byrnes are doing a final presentation of "The Bike Lane Plan" to the Council of Commissioners next Wednesday at 7:30. They are asking for support of the biking community by showing up once again. If you can attend please make sure to sign your name in the entry book and state "for or pro bike lanes" in the comment area next to names. Please speak and state briefly and specifically why you support bike lanes. It is fine to say "I support bike lanes for all the reasons already mentioned". There is some concern for nay-Sayers on this final push. I realize many of you have rallied before, and please know your time and efforts are valued-thank-you! If unable to attend please email the commissioners:
Please forward to bicyclists you know.

Jeremy Gatz-Miller, from the Office of the Chief Executive Matt Vincent is also requesting the bicycling community to attend the above mentioned meeting. Jeremy is charged with the roll out of the bike Lanes and the "Bikeable Butte kick off. I told him we are interested in involvement with this, and am contacting Bike walk Montana. Please see link to Bikeable Butte (shows final bike lane map and such): (they now have a FB page too)