How it Works?

How it works

·        Register online  Choose your "Walk and Roll Butte" or your workplace or organization to register on a team, and then recruit as many co-workers and neighbors as possible to participate. 

·        Challenge other friends and their workplace or organization to form a team.  The more teams, the better the challenge!

·        Team members walk or roll (wheelchair/bike) to work at least 5 times during the month.  That is only one day per week.  Of course, the more days you commute, the more you score for your team!

·        Each team member records his/her date of trip and total commuter miles. Please only count the miles commuting to a destination.  If you take a longer walk or bike route to work or destination than you would in a car, that is acceptable.  

·        At the end of the month, certificates will be awarded based on the teams riding the most average miles per participant, and the highest percent of commuting trips made for the workplace/organization team.  Businesses with the highest percentage of participants will be recognized.  So, encourage everyone to participate and commute!

·        Just commute 5 days and you will be eligible to win great prizes drawn at the Finish Line Party!

 What counts as a walk and roll commute?

·        Walking, jogging, running, wheel chairing, biking (non-motorized), skate boarding, in-line skating,actively transporting, both ways to work.

·        Rolling or walking one way to work and the other way by another mode.

·        Rolling or walking part way to work by pairing with transit, driving, or any other mode.

·        If you are not rolling or walking all of the way to work, count only the mileage of the rolling or walking part of your commute as your commuting distance.

·        If you commute to a destination, you would typically drive, and it is not recreation you may count that mileage.  (Example-Bicycled or walked to grocery store, bank, post office, or a business partner for a great discount)